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Fee Schedule

Share Draft Accounts
NSF $20.00 each
Honor Fee $20.00 each
Stop payment (per check or series) $15.00 each
Check Printing prices vary upon style
Photo copy (per check) $1.00 each
ACH return item (both share and draft accts) $20.00 each
ACH honor fee (both share and draft accts) $20.00 each

Other Service Fee
Applicable to all accounts
Account Research (per hour) $22.00 each
Statement copies (25 months and older) $20.00 each
Statement copies (last 24 months) no charge
Wire Transfer - outgoing only $25.00
Non Member Transaction fee $10.00 each
Fax - Sending only $2.50 each
Photo copy $.25 per page
Money Order/Teller Check (cashiers) $1.20 each
Safe Keeping Deposit Boxes varies according to size
Self Serve Coin Counter members no fee/2% non member
VISA CLASSIC annual fee no annual fee
VISA PLATINUM no annual fee
VISA late payment (after grace period) $25.00
VISA Over the Limit fee $25.00
VISA return check $19.00
VISA card replacement $10.00
VISA document (Sales draft or statement) $2.00 each
VISA cash advance no charge
Loan Service Fee no charge
Loan Late fee (assessed after grace period) $20.00
Legal Processing fee $25.00
Dormancy fee $5.00
Debit/ATM card replacement fee $10.00
Returned mail fee $2.00


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