Student Loans

Student Loans

Our partnership with ISL Education Lending provides you with new options for refinancing existing student loan debt and opportunities for lower-rate private education loans.

  • Traditional private student loans for undergraduate and graduate students: The Partnership Advance Education Loan® is a national loan product for student borrowers.
  • Loans for parents, family members or others who want to borrow on behalf of a student: The College Family Loan® is available to creditworthy parents, family members or friends who would like to help pay for a student’s college expenses or relieve the student’s potential debt.
  • Refinance loan options: The suite of Reset Refinance Loan® programs include typical refinance loans for any borrower who wants to reduce costs or simplify repayment on existing student loan debt. Customized programs are also available for medical students, medical and dental professionals, and students still in college or parents with students in college.

Refinance Existing High-Rate Loans

If you’ve previously taken out a loan through Sallie Mae or another for-profit lender with a high interest rate, you can refinance now.

Before Leaving College

Parents and students who have already taken out loans to pay college expenses do not need to wait until after graduation to take
advantage of lower refinance rates. The lower-rate, no-fee Reset Refinance Loan for In-School Borrowers is available for you today.

  • No payments required until the student leaves school.
  • Save on interest now.
  • Parents can combine their own loans or loans for multiple children and still defer repayment, even if some of the loans are in repayment now.

After Leaving College

The no-fee Reset Refinance Loan can help you make headway on your existing education loans.

  • Multiple repayment choices to maximize your financial goals.
  • Pay off multiple existing loans with one new loan to fit your budget and simplify repayment.

Find New Lower-Rate In-School Loans

If you or a student in your life is in college, check out the options for lower-cost loans for students or families.

  • Cover the gap between the cost of attendance and other financial aid, savings and earnings.
  • Choose from fixed or variable rates with the Partnership Advance Education Loan for students or fixed rates for the College Family Loan for those who borrow on behalf of a student.
  • You decide whether to make payments immediately, pay interest only during college, or delay repayment until afterleaving school or dropping below half-time enrollment.

Partnership Loans and College Family Loans are designed to supplement — not replace — other sources to fill funding gaps for students and parents. Students and parents should work with financial aid professionals at their respective colleges and universities to explore and exhaust all sources of student financial aid before seeking private loans.

These loans are subject to credit approval.

Learn more about ISL Education Lending’s offerings on their website

Settlers Federal Credit Union is compensated by Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation for the referral of loan customers.

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